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Linear Investments

Re-Launch branding, website, promotions and communications

The merger of Quester and NewMedia Spark required an evolution of the NewMedia Spark logo with the new name Spark Ventures.

Launch campaign

Launch campaign Two slightly A5 direct mail postcards and html emails were sent out; one to the Quester database and the second to the New Media Spark database. Pull-up banners were created for use in the Spark HQ as well as external events.

Press ads for the initial corporate merger announcement, full company launch and a sponsored industry event.

The launch html email mailshot was followed by the general Spark Ventures html eNewsletter.

We also worked on design and implementation of the corporate email sign-off template, with links to the latest news section of the website.

The many legacy VCTs were brought under the Spark branding. Brand marks were generated

A specific awareness campaign included a new website aimed at current Spark VCT shareholders and the VCT e-newsletter and direct mail print.

Designs for Deal Sheets, Powerpoint templates and a regular 8 page newsletter enabled Spark to keep VCT investors fully informed of the success of their portfolio of companies.

RMA consulted on all things branding, investor relations and communications campaigns.

What we did for Linear

– Identity
– Corporate stationery and report cover
– Promotional launch graphics
– Press advertising
– Presentations
– Website design
– Team portraits
– Corporate folder
– Suite of individual services brochures
– Deal Sheets
– Christmas card
– Merchandise

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